VOLUNTEERS who helped clear storm debris from an area in Weymouth have been hailed as ‘unsung heroes’ by a local resident.

Paul Knapp, aged 70, from Lanehouse Rocks Road in Weymouth, spotted four people cleaning the area between the Army Range and East Fleet Farm after walking his dogs at the end of February.

Litter and debris from the sea was washed up onto the popular walking spot following the severe storms and Mr Knapp said the area was becoming a ‘monumental mess’.

More than ten bags of rubbish have now been cleared from the area by volunteers.

Mr Knapp said: “I would like to say thank you and draw attention to the volunteers who have made a terrific effort and cleared up the area between the Army Range and East Fleet Farm.

“There were piles and piles of rubbish and now that has all gone.

“Access to the area is always very muddy, and it couldn’t have been very pleasant hauling all that rubbish to the limited access points.

“They have done a magnificent job, and don’t seem to have received the publicity or praise compared to the Chesil Beach clean ups and so on.

“Therefore I want to say thank you to them for cleaning up the fleet. I regularly walk my dogs nearby as do many other residents here and it’s great to see it clean again.

“I assumed the people cleaned the rubbish up voluntarily and in their own time, which makes their efforts even more inspirational – I simply thought they deserved some praise.”

A Dorset Waste Partnership spokesman said: “We’ve been working with Government agencies and The Crown Estate to clean up the debris that washed up on Dorset beaches following the recent storms.

“We are aware of a number of volunteers and volunteer groups that have also helped out, so it’s been a real community effort to restore Dorset’s coastline to its full glory.”