I wonder if I am the only one that thinks we have have jumped out of the fat, into the fire where the pain clinic is concerned.

In four weeks’ time it will be two years since I last had a pain injection. When DCH abdicated responsibility for the pain clinic, following Mr and Mrs Smith’s campaign I was one of those who fell between the cracks. Thanks to my GP, who had to start the whole process again, I thought things were on their way when I saw a doctor at Frederick Trieves House in Poundbury, who informed me that I would have to go to Blandford for the injections. I sat back to await an appointment.

Today, I discover I have to go to Blandford, not to have the injections, but to see yet another consultant, before I can have the injections for which I will then have to go to Bournemouth.

As I do not drive, this will mean hospital cars on both occasions which is yet another cost to the NHS as well as being environmentally unfriendly.

DCH was behind with its injections but we did not have all this palaver – and we could be treated locally. Marguerite Brown Portland Rd Weymouth