A watchdog organisation has praised a Weymouth care home.

Staff at the Queen Charlotte Care Home in Weymouth said they were delighted with the report.

The Care Quality Commission inspected the care home in Chickerell in February and found the home met its standards across the board including for respecting and involving people who use the service and safeguarding and protecting people.

This is an improvement on the previous 2013 report which highlighted that action was needed in the categories of respecting and involving service users and for the care home’s records.

During the unannounced inspection, the CQC observed how people were being cared for and spoke to staff, people at the home and their families.

The home looks after the elderly including those with dementia.

The report said: “We observed that staff treated people with respect, using the person’s preferred name.

“Staff readily responded to requests for support quickly and discreetly.

“Visiting relatives told us that staff knew their loved ones needs and met them with compassion and empathy.”

The report added that people were treated with respect, dignity, their choices were respected and they were supported to make decisions.

It added: “The staff knew how to identify and report safeguarding adult concerns.”

The care records provided staff with sufficient guidance to be able to meet people’s needs in a way they wish, the CQC found.

Manager Noel Chilton and Terry Bailey, the operations manager for the south, said that a lot of work had been done on the hierarchy of the home so that everyone felt supported and that had brought the team closer together.

Mr Bailey said: “I’m more than delighted with the report. I think it vindicates all the work that’s been done.

“It’s a credit to the team providing care.”

He added that the whole team were fantastic and did a great job.

The care home was very person-centred, Mr Bailey said.

Mr Chilton said: “I’m incredibly proud of what the team has achieved.

“They have worked extremely hard and been very vigilant and they are a fabulous team.”

He added: “What’s happened now, we have a better hierarchy system and it’s pulled everyone together.”

Mr Chilton added a special thank you to the families of their residents. He said they had been very supportive of the team.


  • Respecting and involving people who use the service – Met this standard
  • Consent to care and treatment – Met this standard
  • Care and welfare of people who use the services – Met this standard
  • Safeguarding people who use services from abuse – Met this standard
  • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision – Met this standard
  • Records – Met this standard