HEALTHY attitudes were on the cards for children at a Weymouth school.

Pupils at Wyvern Academy in Dorchester Road got a taste for some wholesome fresh food in partnership with Sainsbury’s in Weymouth, who made the academy their chosen charity for this year.

The academy is a specialist school for cognition and learning accredited by the National Autistic Society.

The school provides highly individualised education for almost 100 pupils aged two to 19 years with complex learning difficulties.

Head of primary school, Kelly Stinton, said: “We spent the whole week, March 31 to April 4, looking at living life in a healthy way.

“That includes cleanliness, such as washing hands and teeth and being safe when out and about. The children really enjoy learning about healthy eating, and thanks to Sainsbury’s, they were able to make some exciting smoothies from the fresh fruit provided.

“For many children with disabilities it is more important to live healthily than for able-bodied children as they may be more susceptible to illness and germs.

“It is a serious and important lesson but we also like to make it fun at the same time.”

The Weymouth school also became the first in the county to receive accreditation last month for a teaching programme that helps physically disabled children gain more freedom of movement .

The Wyvern Academy is now a MOVE Centre of Excellence for the activity-based programme, which focuses on skills essential to independence in class and at home.

The MOVE charity programme teaches children with severe physical disabilities actions such as sitting in an upright position, standing, and walking through learning new skills in regular but small steps.