FLOODS hero Storm Wallace spoke of her pride after being invited to Number 10 Downing Street for a special reception and to receive an award.

Miss Wallace, 29, who was praised for her volunteering efforts in the aftermath of the storms which lashed Portland, was invited to the corridors of power by Prime Minister David Cameron.

She became the first ever recipient of a new award scheme.

She enjoyed a reception at the famous address, was given a tour of the Cabinet Office and had a private meeting with Mr Cameron during her visit today (Monday).

She was due to appear on ITV’s Daybreak programme on Tuesday morning.

Miss Wallace, 29, was also presented with a personal letter from Mr Cameron and a new Points of Light award, an initiative started in America by former President George Bush senior to recognise individuals who spark change and make improvements. The scheme has now been taken up by the UK Government with someone selected each day to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements.

Miss Wallace is the first ever UK Point of Light.

Mr Cameron said: “In the wake of the floods Storm Wallace showed true leadership and initiative by inspiring others to help with the clean-up operation.

“Storm showed that when times are tough she is willing to roll up her sleeves and make sure that local people are supported. That’s why I am awarding Storm a Point of Light - to congratulate her for her efforts in helping and inspiring others to get involved and make a difference.”

Miss Wallace has become a notable figure in the clean-up events on Portland and last month she scooped £5,000 for the community from Virgin supremo Richard Branson. It came after she was nominated as a ‘flood hero’ by the Daybreak programme.

She also met Mr Cameron during his visit to Chiswell earlier in the year.

Miss Wallace said: “It was a really good day; a bit mad actually but really cool.

“I said to David Cameron that he would get bored of meeting me soon but he said: 'never'.

“He is a funny guy and easy to talk too.”

Miss Wallace was among a number of ‘flood heroes’ invited to Downing Street –people who were said to go the extra mile during flood relief efforts.

She journeyed to London with her mum Gwen Aldous, and friends Toby Kelly, Zoe Yates and Councillor Sandy West.

Miss Wallace said: “I knew it was going to be full on when I got involved in the clean-ups but I never knew it would result in this recognition and some money for the community.

“David Cameron knew a lot about the work that has been going on at Portland and asked about how things are going now. He said what we have been doing at Portland as volunteers has made the government’s life easier.

“He wished me luck in future and said if I needed anything to call him and ask for help.”