A GARDEN project in Weymouth has won a Sustainable Watermark Award.

The award provides funds for environmental projects within the Wessex Water area.

The Rainbow Garden Project in Bedford Road has been given £400 to buy guttering, down pipes and water barrels.

These investments will allow the garden to be self sufficient in water during the summer.

The land for the Rainbow Garden was donated by Synergy Housing.

Lynne Chalker has helped transform the garden with fellow residents from Synergy Housing’s neighbourhood panels.

She said: “The garden is a big community asset and with 18 houses and 45 flats being built in the immediate area it is the only green space with organised activities, and where families can come out and meet each other over a summer barbeque.

“The garden is proving to be a big hit with the children who have their own vegetable plots and they enjoyed harvest time when we made soups from their produce.”

Wessex Water’s Bill Hollyoak will visit the Rainbow Garden on Friday April 11 to hand over its Sustainable Watermark cheque.

Ms Chalker added: “The rain this winter made the garden a no-go area but now with everything drying out we can begin to think about what to sow for the summer.

“Harvesting rainwater will be something else that the children will learn through gardening and we are all thrilled with our Sustainable Watermark Award.”