PORTLAND coastguard deal with crashing ships and kayakers and windsurfers in touble.

On Sunday morning coastguards intervened after two ships crashed in the English Channel.

In the early hours, cargo vessel Orange Island, collided with the tanker Sten Moster in the middle of the English Channel.

The Sten Moster suffered a three by five meter hole in the port quarter, but it was above the water line. Portland coastguards helped to divert the ship to Rotterdam for repairs. The Orange Island had only minor damage and was allowed to continue its passage to the USA.

It is believed that both vessels were travelling in the same direction along the Channel and the collision happened as one of the vessels tried to overtake the other.

Two kayakers were reported to be in trouble near Sidmouth on Sunday morning. Portland coastguards sent Sidmouth lifeboat to bring them back to shore.

They were unharmed but had become overwhelmed with the conditions.

At 1.20pm on Sunday the lifeboat was requested to launch by Portland Coastguard to help a windsurfer in trouble at The Cobb, Lyme Regis.

The casualty and equipment were safely returned to shore and no medical aid was required.