AN animal charity is raising awareness for rabbits after one was abandoned on its doorstep.

As part of Rabbit Awareness Week, Margaret Green Animal Rescue in Wareham will be making people aware of how they can help their fluffy friends and take a small hop forward in promoting their welfare.

In January staff found a green recycling box dumped by the gates and when they opened the lid they found a white rabbit inside.

Named Gabrielle by the staff, their top priority was to find her a friend.

Marketing officer for the charity Lucy Compton said rabbits don’t like to be on their own and the best pairing was a neutered male and neutered female.

She said: “They are very social creatures. They love socialising with each other, so you should never have a rabbit on their own.”

Staff very carefully introduced Gabrielle to potential new friend Jasper.

Miss Comp-ton said the pair were put in pens next to each other so they could say ‘hello’ for a few days. As they seemed friendly, Jasper was introduced to Gabrielle’s pen.

Miss Compton said: “It was love at first sight. They share their food tray, they share their litter tray.

“They do everything together.”

The happy bunny couple are now looking for a forever home together and for someone to come forward and adopt them.

As part of Rabbit Awareness Week the charity has put some top tips for bunny lovers on its website to help make pet bunnies’ lives even happier, including tips on housing, care and enrichment.

People who don’t have pets themselves can still get involved by sponsoring a rabbit or any of the 1,200 other animals that the centre looks after and re-homes every year.

For top bunny tips visit

To adopt Gabrielle and Jasper call the charity 01929 480474.