IT’S not everyday that you walk along Weymouth Beach and find three giant jellyfish washed up on the sands.

Julie Loyd spotted the creatures between Greenhill Beach and the Sea Palace earlier this week and took this picture.

It comes after a bloom in numbers of barrel jellyfish in the waters off Weymouth and Portland sparked an increase in sightings along the Jurassic coastline.

Over the weekend more and more sightings of the sea creatures have been reported after members of the public spotted them both in the ocean and washed up on the beaches.

Julie said: “I’ve never seen such a giant jellyfish on an English shore.

“It had huge tentacles and was about three-foot in diameter and was resting near another one that was half buried in the sand and could have been mistaken for a large grey stone until you got close.

“It’s so exciting to find such amazing sea creatures on our shore – but I’m not sure I fancy being in the water with them, even if they are known to be harmless.”