A DORSET conservation charity is celebrating 25 years of protecting the county’s historic parks and gardens.

This year marks 25 years since a small group of pioneers met to discuss the disappearance of historic gardens from the county, sparking the formation of the Dorset Gardens Trust.

Over the years the organisation has grown substantially to protect Dorset’s heritage and protects its green spaces for future generations.

To celebrate, the Trust is holding a Garden Day at Herringston House near Dorchester on Sunday, June 29.

The event, which runs from 10am to 5pm, will raise funds for the Trust’s garden related charitable works and will see top specialist nurseries attending along with local ones.

There will also be a talk at 2.30pm from Neil Lucas of Knoll Gardens, who will discuss his famous grasses.

Visitors to Herringston House will be able to enjoy a whole range of stalls as well as delicious lunches and teas.

A spokesman for the Dorset Gardens Trust said: “Herringston House has been in the Williams’ family for over 500 years. Not a lot is known of the old garden, it is being researched now by DGT. “Mrs Raymond Williams has gradually been replanting the garden, starting with a camellia and azalea walk and a woodland walk. A wildflower meadow is in progress over the little South Winterbourne to north of the house. “The walled garden has a pool and a very pretty apple walk.”

The spokesman added: “Herringston is an excellent space to host an all-day garden event. “Parking is easy and very close to the garden with a convenient plant crèche.

“The large circular lawn, north of the house, is ideal for all the stalls and the walled garden perfect for the large refreshment marquee.”

One of the main thrusts of the Dorset Gardens Trust over the years has been supporting school gardening activities, while it has also helped promote other educational activities and the recording of historic landscapes.

For more information about the work of the charity visit dorsetgardenstrust.co.uk