Typical Park District Community Quiz questions, as you can see there is something for everyone

In which English Resort was the first Butlins holiday camp opened in 1936?

The treaty of where? established the European Econcomic Community in 1957?

Which American City was the original base of Tamla Mowtown?

Who played JR in the TV series Dallas?

What was the name of the first James Bond Book?

Which Book or the Bible features Noahs Ark?

What was the name of Dennis the Menace's Dog?

Final questions - when is the next quiz?  how much is it to enter? Do you really need to ask? Ok so you do, then ring the Park Community Centre on 01305 839579 as places at this highly sought after event are becoming filled so  quickly that it is advised to book your place before the night.

Street Dancing Classes are held at The Park Community Centre on Fridays from 16:00 until 17:00. At the moment the classes are for ages 4 - 10 years but "Dance Force" hope to begin classes for an older group up to 16 years following on from the youngsters class,  from 17:00 until 18:00. Further details can be obtained from Grace Markwell  07837 831677

Ballroom Dancing Classes at The Park Community Centre Saturday nights from 19:30. No need to bring a partner! Again please ring the Centre on 01305 839579 to book your place


Bollywood classes at Weymouth College are now in week 5.  Some of us were brave enough to join Bishan and his "proper" dancers at Hope Square on Monday May 26th  for a one off performance. It just proved a point that no matter what steps you (or I) forget, so long as you enjoy yourself, the audience will too. There is still time to come along and join in, Bishan is about to start to teach us a "walking dance" , I know, I am confused as to what this is as well, but I am absolutely convinced, that no matter what, we will be enjoying the slower pace that the working title seems to insinuate. (Its a completely new skill to me, I never realised my body could move in that way! but I am having fun, Bishan is a lovely intelligent tutor who notices when anyone is having a few difficulties and takes his time to help us understand what we need to be doing.... roll on the carnival....... gulp! If you need further information on this or indeed the new Brazilian Dance/ Carnival workshop  then please contact Julie Hursthouse  Community Development Officer on 01305 838497 or 07980 730029, (be advised you do not need to be a size zero or prance around in the smallest bikini possible to take part, see Julies new costume, (still to be completed)