Weymouth Carnival Day is fast approaching and as always it seems that for us residents of The Park District it is an event that is on our very own front doorstep, so to speak.  Consequently many of us do tend to get involved wherever we can. This year being no exception.

Many will know, (mainly because I have been banging on about it every chance I get) that this year we may have a definite Indian feel, but did you know that there will also be a Brazilian feel to the carnival too.

First things first,  Bishan, the lovely young man who has been teaching us all some rather different moves, has been talking about wanting to combine our Carnival with a Holi Festival. (My apologies to Bishan if I have this slightly wrong). So for those of you that wanted to join in with the Indian Bollywood Dance classes at Weymouth College (Thursday nights from 7.30pm in the Kimmeridge buildings) but couldn’t make it for whatever reason, now is the chance to stand up and be counted, or failing that phone Julie Hursthouse up on 01305 838497 or email her on j.hursthouse@westdorset-weymouth.gov.uk  and register your interest in joining Bishan and others in a colourful and welcoming dance on Weymouth Beach, don’t worry if you feel you wont know the moves, I am assured it is going to be “free style” (I dont think I have enough spare room inside my head to remember much more myself).  So if you thought the carnival was just going to be "yawn .....the same old same old", maybe take a moment to  pause for thought.

Secondly,  consider if you would like to join in the  new FREE Workshop that is all about making Carnival costumes from Brazil. I must admit when I first heard about this I did have visions of bikini clad slim line beauties but I am assured it is for all sizes and ages,  and there is not a bikini in sight.  The workshops are planned for the following Saturdays July 5, July 12, July 19 and July 26. We have been very lucky to have Elaine Freedman working with us. Elaine brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about Brazilian Carnivals and brims over with enthusiasm as she finds it hard to keep all her ideas inside her head, and equally lucky in getting funding from the Dorset Community Foundation, So once again if you would like to find out more then please either email or ring Julie Hursthouse who has been most busy organising it all on 01305 838497 or j.hursthouse@westdorset-weymouth.gov.uk

If your still worried about possibly exposing too much skin, rest assured I have seen a costume made up and I think there was a tiny piece of skin showing between the wrist and elbow.