CHILDREN from Lulworth and Winfrith Primary School had the opportunity to tidy up the beach at Lulworth Cove.

Their teacher Miss Hargrave arranged for the year five and six children to take part in a thorough beach clean on the outing with Education Rangers at Lulworth Heritage Centre.

School Governor Joy Allen said: “The children are aware of their rights and responsibilities and this gave them the opportunity to be responsible members of their community looking after the environment.

“It helped the children to realise if they don’t look after the environment it won’t be there to be enjoyed by themselves and others.

“It was also a chance for them to explore the lovely area they live in.

“They loved the chance to work with the Education Rangers and learn more about their local environment.”

Holly Miller, a year five pupil, said: “Jim and Derek, the rangers, gave us gloves and a bin bag to put the litter in.

“Years 3 and 4 cleaned the beach whilst years five and six went to clean the paths as well as the beach.

“Soon the beach and paths were clean and we found some very strange things including a t-shirt and a croc shoe. We really enjoyed ourselves and hope we do it again.”