A WEST Dorset community is rallying round to help chronically ill mum Chloe Evans-Lippett.

Chloe has hypermobility syndrome that has left her wheelchair dependent, in constant pain with hips that dislocate up to 11 times a day, arthritis and short-term memory loss.

But she is determined that it won’t define her life and in February, full-time mum Chloe, 25, and fellow musician Steve Jones debuted their first album Songbird at Bridport Arts Centre.

Chloe said: “What the illness has done for me creatively is that it has taught me to be brave. You become so innately vulnerable when you get sick, there’s nothing left to shelter.”

Now, a musical extravaganza run by the Bridport community called The Hyper Gig will take place at the Lyric Theatre on July 26 at 7.30pm.

Musicians, technicians and firms are all giving time, money, prizes for a raffle or entertaining.

Stand up comic Niki McCretton who runs the theatre will perform with singers, ukulele players and eight piece band the Collaborators.

If she is well enough, Chloe will perform a set with Steve Jones.

Bridport’s feminist group Bridfem has arranged the evening.

Bridfem’s Margie Savory said: “Chloe has done so much for the town, so hearing that she needed help it seemed obvious to help.

“Everyone we have asked for help seems happy to offer something, which is brilliant.”

Chloe was 23 when her troubles began but until last year she thought she was going to recover.

She thought she had an operable problem with her hips but the op made her condition worse.

She said: “What I am learning about living with a chronic illness is that it is a part of my life but it isn’t my whole life.”

Tickets are £12 on the door or £10 in advance and all profits will go to support Chloe. People can get tickets from Fruits of the Earth, Bridport Music and Bridport Arts Centre.