A WEYMOUTH primary school took a trip back in time as pupils looked to highlight Weymouth’s role during the Second World War.

Youngsters at Holy Trinity Primary School took part in a 1940s dance and received a visit from the 29th Infantry Division re-enactment group and army nurses.

It came ahead of the veterans and military festival events in Weymouth and Portland this weekend which is likely to attract thousands of people.

Running alongside regular armed forces commemorative events is the Weymouth at War spectacle which will see the town transported back to the 1940s.

At Holy Trinity the re-enactment group brought along Second World War vehicles, educating pupils about the different equipment used and the communication tools they had available.

The day provided the perfect preview to a spectacular series of events lined up to remember the Second World War in Dorset this weekend.

Year Six teacher Jenny Painter, school librarian Tracey Naylor, and Claire Thorpe, first lieutenant of the 29th Infantry Division re-enactment group organised events.

Mrs Painter said: “We have had a World War Two week because of everything that’s happening in Weymouth this weekend.

“We wanted to make sure the children understood why that was going on in their town.

“The Year Six pupils have learned about World War Two but we wanted to spread it out for the whole of the school.”

Children dressed up in 1940s fashion and took part in a choreographed dance.

Mrs Painter added: “The aim was to create the biggest dance the school has seen on the school field.

“They have had a great time. From the youngest ones to the oldest ones, they have all thrown themselves into it.”

Year Six pupil Kirstie Gair, 10, said she enjoyed seeing the tanks and the actors that demonstrated nursing.

She said: “I thought it was really fun and interesting.”

Meanwhile, Jacob Newport, 11, also in Year Six, said it was a really good day. He said: “I learned quite a lot from the re-enactment people.

“The dance was really good. I think the whole school did really well.”