VISITORS thoroughly enjoyed the Weymouth at War event today, which commemorated the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Hope Square was packed with visitors and there was plenty of action, with wartime-themed performances throughout the day from The Decadettes and Memphis Belle, a replica police station, and land girls, sailors and soldiers throughout the square.

But some were disappointed to find there was nothing going on for Weymouth at War at Nothe Gardens as was previously planned, and displays on Trinity Road had also been scaled back.

Trinity Road was still closed but there was no recreation of the wartime street on the road.

Instead, there were a number of military cars and a small re-enactment was displayed along the harbourside.

At Nothe Gardens there wasn’t any military re-enactment – and there were no visible signs to inform people the event had been cancelled.

Dave Allen, Weymouth at War’s organiser, explained there had been a dispute last night during the set-up at Nothe Gardens and events were not taking place there today due to staff shortages.

He said: “In Hope Square there has been music, dancing, a police station and a home front re-enactment. There is a military re-enactment but it’s not as expansive as billed. Because we have less people than there should be, we have concentrated on Hope Square now.

"I can’t comment on what went on last night because the matter has been passed onto the police and they have told me not to talk to anyone about it.”

Mr Allen added there would still be a 1940s themed dance  at the Pavilion this evening.

Janice Gosson owns Mallams restaurant on Trinity Road, which did not end up featuring the World War Two street recreation that was planned.

She said: “Someone I spoke to said something kicked off when they were setting up at the Nothe and one person said they couldn’t do what they were going to do there. So now there is no procession although the road’s still closed.”

Sheila Austin, from Weymouth, said: “I wanted to go into the crypt and see what was going on in there but there was nothing there. I’m disappointed, because that was what I really wanted to see, and we were wondering why there is nothing at Nothe Gardens either. But my husband got to watch the beach assault earlier, so he’s happy.”

Rita Pennington from Dorchester said: “I’m fairly disappointed, they could have informed people to let them know what was going on and we are not the only ones who came up here to Nothe Gardens. I saw the assault on the beach though and there were lots of people who watched that, it was quite lively. There were a lot of Army vehicles down there too which was good.”