AN ELDERLY couple from Poundbury have been left stranded after the batteries were stolen from their mobility scooter.

Ronald McKendry, who lives at Jubilee Court in Bridport Road, discovered that thieves had dismantled his buggy and taken out the batteries as some point last night.

He said he used the mobility scooter to go to the shops and get food for him and his wife.

Mr McKendry, who turns 80 in October, said the buggy was left outside his flat and whoever took the batteries had deliberately dismantled it to get at them.

He said: “They have had to dismantle the buggy, which is in three bits now, to get to the batteries and they have taken them.

“They must have known how to get to them – I wouldn’t even have known.”

Mr McKendry said the mobility scooter was the only form of transport he and his wife, who had just turned 79, had and he relied on it to get to the shops to buy food.

He said: “The only way we get food is I use the buggy to go to Waitrose and of course I’ve not got it now.

“It just makes me so angry.”

Mr McKendry, who has survived a stroke and two bouts of cancer and also has a metal hip in his right leg, said his only option now was to shell out for a taxi to get to the shops, an expense he could do without.

He only bought the mobility scooter six months ago.

West Dorset District Councillor and Dorset County Councillor Ros Kayes was contacted by Mr McKendry after he had become the victim to the theft.

She said: “This is a particularly despicable kind of crime. I'd urge those concerned to investigate their consciences and return the batteries to Mr McKendry as soon as possible.

“People need to think about the consequences of their actions.

“If someone has a disability scooter it's usually because they need it.

“This gentleman is nearly 80 and you really have to ask the thieves - is it really worth it? Have a heart and return his batteries.

“The distress caused to this gentleman easily outweighs any benefits you might accrue from selling them on.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police said they received a report of criminal damage to an electric motorised buggy at around 7.30am today and are urging anyone with information to contact Dorset Police on 101, quoting incident number 23:056.