A NEW YORK-based artist has returned to Dorset to create a publication all about Portland.

Paul Soulellis is one of many artists commissioned as part of this year’s b-side festival, which takes place between September 5 and September 14.

The creative director took part in the same festival in 2012, creating a 12-part book investigating Weymouth, Dorset, and Wey-mouth, Massachusetts.

The books contained public domain texts, historical records, lists, archival imagery, tweets and material relating to both areas.

Paul said this year’s work will be slightly different.

He said: “I’m going to be doing a 64-page newspaper-type publication. We’re going to be printing a few thousand of them.

“We’re going to distribute them all around Portland during the b-side festival.”

Paul is based on Portland until June 27 at the Tophill Library. He is looking to gather and collect material related to Portland to include in his publication.

This includes creative writing, essays, folklore, photography, drawings, maps, poetry and even recipes.

Paul is working alongside Dorset Libraries for the project and has been riding with the mobile library around Portland meeting different people.

Describing Portland, Paul said: “It’s amazing. It’s a beautiful place. It’s the kind of place that attracts artists.”

The b-side festival is an arts festival which explores the flipside of familiar and unusual locations.

The festival includes live music, performance, sculpture, film and other events. Paul is based at Tophill Library between 2pm and 5pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Any resident of Portland may contribute to his project and submissions can be left at Tophill Library or sent to the portlandbill @gmail.com.