LAST year’s bare-faced cheek of Mosterton’s finest flesh has paid off.

Dairy farmer and mother-of-three Emma House decided to launch a WI-style calendar, featuring some of the village’s prime specimens of manhood, to raise money for three village charities.

Now the £770 has been shared between Mosterton’s Parrett and Axe School, Mosterton pre-school and Mosterton’s St Mary's church.

It fell to Emma to persuade the great and the good of the village to get their kit off to support the three local good causes.

Mrs House, whose husband Andrew is Mr May, said it had all seemed like a good idea after a few drinks.

She said: “I have a habit of helping raise money for local charities. I just said let’s do a WI calendar but with men instead and it went from there.

“I collared people in the village who are well-known and some who are not quite so well-known but who are all involved in one way and another with the school, the pre-school or the church.

“It kind of made sense to get everybody involved to raise money for our community.”

She said the reaction was rather shy at first, and the young men stayed that way. It seems that only men past the age of 30 have the confidence to strip to their bare essentials and that goes for the oldest at nearly 80.

Mrs House added: “None of the teenagers would do it, but the other guys were pretty much all up for it and it got to the point when I had more men than I had months. They were all very brave to support their community in such a way.”

The photographs were taken by Mosterton professional events photographer Charles Whitton.

The calendar, named Doing it for Mosterton will be unveiled in November and sold for £5 each.