A GROUP of Year 9 students at the Thomas Hardye School have been learning the language of love.

After a term of studying love poetry, the pupils were challenge to write their own poems based around the theme of love.

The poem could be based on any aspect of love from traditional and courtly love to more unconventional forms like the love of football or one of their teams.

The students had a week to write their competition entries and we have published the winning entries below.

Teacher Lucy England said: “The standard of the poetry was incredibly high and the three students who won the competition produced an imaginative take on the criteria given.”

What is Love?

What is love? It’s impossible to say, No proof of it exists, but I see it everyday, Young people at school, hugging and kissing, Elderly couples at home doing their knitting, Sitting at home watching the tele, I see couples get married, then the honeymoon in Delhi, Walking down the street when suddenly I see, A young dad with his son having a game of footy, The boy shoots and scores, the ball left hitting the net, Before celebrating like he had just won a private jet, His dad left stood with a loving smile on his face, So what is love in this particular case?

Love is something that comes in many different ways, Other than that what else can I say?

Whether its love for family or friends or food just like butter, Or if its love for a boy or girl who makes your heart flutter, A relationship as a result makes you realise how much you love them.

But I can’t find a definition I think sums it up apart from love is a golden gem.

George Eveleigh, 14

The Endless Dance We dance,

alone, on the empty floor; You spin me around, twirling me to the core- Illuminated. A thousand lights; So close and yet far, a sea of delights.

Twinkling, sparkling, it’s just you and me: As we waltz to this silent symphony.

A timeless dance, as we rise and fall, You know I’m the one who outshines them all.

Clothed in your flowing, blowing veils; Stream about, leaving a fluid trail.

Spiralling, slowly, I glow in the twilight- To you, I’m the beacon in this frigid night.

A mutual attraction: we’re better together, Our fates intertwined ‘til the end of forever; And on into the night we serenely sail Even on this: the grandest scale.

Michael Norman, 13

Together forever…

You promise a riveting start to everyday, Enthusiastic and eager to play.

We’re ever so close, Because we’ve been through all the highs and lows.

I can whisper all my fears, In your soft curly ears, You listen very intently, Responding very honestly.

You’re the centre of my attention, Often causing me great apprehension, Like when you hide in long grass And then come back running super-fast.

You always have a smile on your face, A twinkle in your eye, Our possibility’s list sky high.

Life is a mystery but Together we’ll have a victory.

Cerys Lee, 14