A PROUD mother and devoted sisters have paid tribute to a much loved son and brother who died in collision with a car.

Stefan Noyce, 29, died on the South Causeway, between Wareham and Stoborough in the early hours of June 16.

“To me he was perfect,” said his grieving mum Paula Haden, who lives at Bovington. “I am so proud of Stefan. I want the world to know what a lovely boy he was.”

Surrounded by sympathy cards and buoyed by Facebook messages from his friends, the family has been stunned by the response to his death.

“Nearly 450 people have joined the Facebook page RIP Stefan Noyce and over 200 people want to come to his funeral,” said Paula. “Everybody is absolutely wonderful.”

She and Stefan’s sisters Abbie Heckford, 23, and Demi Heckford, 20, have been amazed by the touching stories that have emerged.

Examples include tales of how he spent hours gardening for neighbours and refused payment, borrowed a woman’s jacket and returned it with a rose.

“He was just such a real gentleman,” said his mum. “I was amazed at how many hearts he touched.”

His sisters spoke of his liking for practical jokes, of how much fun he was and of his love for his family including brother Liam, 22, nephews Jack, four, and Harry, two, his step-sister and brother Kaylee and Kyle and his son Blake, 10.

Stefan had been out in Wareham and was walking to Stoborough where he was staying with his nan, who has dementia, when the tragic collision took place.

He had been hailed a hero as a teenager when he helped save the life of an elderly woman who was drowning in the River Frome.

Stefan loved the ocean and fishing and first went to sea at the age of 16.

He had fished in Norway where he took part in a TV series, Ocean Heroes. Latterly he had been employed by Dorset Waste Partnership.

No date has yet been set for the “no tears” funeral he had requested. However, his family aim to carry out his wishes and celebrate his life.