SUN-WORSHIPERS lapped up the fine weather as they flocked to the coast.

But while other parts of the country enjoyed their hottest day of the year with 27 degree heat, temperatures were slightly lower in Weymouth.

But it continues to be a boost for seaside traders.

The fine weather is not set to last however as rain is forecast for later today and there will be showers over the weekend.

Saturday, June 14 saw Weymouth’s highest temperatures of the year so far, reaching just under 24C.

Samuel Ruddick, who works at the beach gift shop Napoli on the beach, said: “It’s definitely been busier here in the last few weeks and busier than this time last year.

“I hope it stays like today until September that will be good for us and the rest of Weymouth.

“It just comes alive when it’s sunny here.”

Peter Townsend, of Aunty Vi’s Tea and Cakes stall, said: “Last year we had a really poor start to the season but then we were quite busy throughout summer, this year we’ve had a better start though this week has been fairly quiet.

“It really gets the busiest when the kids are off school for the holidays.”

Bill Thompson, who is a seasonal worker at Alexandra Gardens amusements, also finds business tends to pick up when the schools break up for summer. He said: “Today has been a bit quiet considering the weather, there have been a fair few people around but most of the children are quite young.

“But when the kids break up from school and on the weekends it can get really busy here.”

However, other businesses have found the recent warm weather hasn’t particularly affected their work.

Melanie Rush, who runs the beach donkey rides, said: “It’s not seemed much busier than usual really. We just have to go with what the weather gives us.”