AGE UK Dorchester is urging elderly people to make sure they do not miss out on home insurance claims they are entitled to.

Research by the charity shows that nearly one in five over 60s in the South West have lost an item or had it stolen or damaged at home but have not made a claim on their home insurance policy, missing out on a possible £66 million.

Over a third of those surveyed did not make a claim when the could have done as they were concerned it would increase their insurance premiums whilst a similar percentage thought the item was too low in value for the effort involved.

Of those who did actually claim, 98 per cent said they found the process to be easy or reasonable.

Di Lawrence of Age UK Dorchester, said: “It is encouraging to see that many consumers find it relatively easy to make a home insurance claim.

“However, it is concerning that so many older consumers, often on a fixed income, are missing out on money they may be entitled to because they think that their claim might not be successful or that their premiums will increase.

“It is vital that consumers keep track of their insurance policy, regularly update it and thoroughly read the terms and conditions so that it is right for their individual requirements.

“Shop around for the best deal and pay close attention to the terms and conditions, including policy information around premiums and excess.”

For advice and information about Age UK’s home insurance call 01305 269444 or visit the charity’s premises in Prince of Wales Road, Dorchester.