A WOMAN who has been diagnosed with a condition her beloved sister died from took on a sponsored head shave.

Jackie Moon, of Weymouth, has neurofibromatosis, an inherited condition which has led to a tumour forming on her head.

She has recently undergone major surgery to remove the growth but before her operation at a hospital in Southampton she decided to help others.

Sadly, her sister Michelle Wiles passed away because of the condition at the young age of 29 and tragically left behind a two-year-old daughter.

And now Jackie’s son Charlie has been told that he also has neurofibromatosis, although it luckily does not pose a risk at the moment.

Jackie, who lives in Weymouth Bay Avenue, had her hair shaved off at Morrisons suprmarket to raise more than £300 for a special playground for pupils at the Wyvern School.

She said: “My sister was diagnosed with a tumour at the age of 16.

“She then had radiotherapy before she went into remission.

“For 13 years she lived a normal life but it came back and she sadly died in 2001.

“We try to keep her memory alive for her daughter Lily and now I’ve got the same condition I wanted to do something for a good cause.

“My son Michael attends Wyvern and we need to raise £28,000 for a wheelchair accessible swing and climbing frame.”

She added: “I’d like to say a big thank you to Jody of Shampers in Southill for shaving my hair off, Morrisons for letting me use the lobby and to all of my supporters.”