PORTLAND students learnt about Learning Plazas on a trip.

Sixth formers from IPACA took a trip to the Cornwallis Academy in Maidstone to learn about different learning spaces as part of a project to design and deliver their own learning centre.

Director of digital learning and innovation, Gary Spracklen, said: “At IPACA we trust our learners 100 per cent. That’s why with the launch of our new sixth form centre we are giving students the opportunity to research, design and deliver their own sixth form centre.

“This is all about developing some truly unique spaces to support their learning.”

He added: “In their visit to Cornwallis they saw Learning Plazas which accommodate up to 120 learners using a range of flexible, agile and innovative furniture solutions. Visiting the spaces when they were in action allowed us to challenge this pedagogy and explore its benefit to learning.

“Students also heard about how ICT is embedded to support learning and the challenges faced when moving to a new building.”

The visit to Kent is part of a project which has seen students engaged in Google hangouts with teachers in Australia and visiting the Mind Candy and Google HQs in London. Speaking about the new sixth form, principal Alison Appleyard, said: “The sixth form will be new in September 2014 and will provide a fresh and exciting opportunity for the young people of Portland and Weymouth. We are excited that our provision is being tailor-made by and for the students who will study with us.

“The IPACA sixth form is where dreams will become a reality.”