Portland Coastguard helped stranded day trippers and three boats in trouble.

Just before 1pm on Tuesday the 18ft bow rider, Galaxy, radioed for Portland coastguard assistance after experiencing mechanical failure just south of Lyme Regis harbour.

Local vessel Susie B towed her into Lyme Regis where she was met by Lyme Regis Coastguard Officers.

At 3.41pm Weymouth boat Skin Deeper called coastguards to say that they had recovered a canoeist who had capsized off Portland Bill. The canoeist was taken to Portland Marina, where the group was met by Portland Bill Coastguards. The man then made his own way back to Smallmouth in Portland Harbour.

Just before 5.30pm the yacht Single Minded called Portland coastguards to report they had suffered engine failure near the entrance to Poole harbour in the main shipping channel.

The patrol vessel Vanguard was able tow the yacht to a mooring buoy until another vessel could be found to take the yacht into port.

At 5.45pm Portland coastguards were alerted to a fishing boat, Serenity, which had suffered fuel starvation and subsequently hit a rock near the entrance to Poole Harbour.

Coastguards used a Pan Pan called to alert nearby boats for assistance and the yacht, My Memory Maker, responded taking the vessel into Cobb’s quay, where they were met by officers from Poole coastguard.