MORE than 800 women took to the streets of Weymouth for the county’s eighth Midnight Walk.

An incredible £65,000 has so far been raised, before Gift Aid and online donations, for Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.

The event kicked-off at 12am on Sunday at Weymouth College.

The routes included a five-mile, 6.5 mile and ten-mile walks along the seafront.

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Ladies of all ages got into the party atmosphere by decorating their t-shirts with feather boas, brightly-coloured tutus, lights and other fun items.

Since the first walk in 2007, 5,694 women have walked over 37,857 miles and raised £638,744 – last year the event raised more than £100,000.

The night started with a disco, photo booth and bar before the walkers congregated at the start line for their warm up.

When the clock struck midnight hundreds of women crossed the start line.

Over 100 volunteers supported the event by either helping at the college or marshalling on all three routes.

Once the women had completed their walks they passed back through the finish line and received their 2014 medal, goodie bag and bacon buttie.

Event organiser Matt Smith said: “The atmosphere at our Midnight Walk's is just incredible and this year has been no exception.

“Seeing hundreds of women all with flashing headgear and inspiring stories on the back of their t-shirts, it really is a fantastic event.

“The money that is raised from the Midnight Walk is vital to ensure that we can continue caring for patients and their loved ones across Dorset.”

Littlemoor community leader Jan Hinton, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, said: “It was a brilliant night, we had two wheelchairs between five of us but the occupants still managed to walk and hope the last bit of the way.

"So many people I know have been affected by cancer, and having finished my own chemotheraphy treatment, I felt I just had to do it.”

Cheryl Barrett took on the five-mile route in memory of a loved one and said she had a ‘brilliant evening’.

Sisters Hayley Stanton and Claire Morcom finished their challenging ten-mile walk at 3.20am.

Echo reporters Emma Walker and Rachel Stretton also took part in the event, taking on the five-mile route.

THANKS were paid to the 2014 sponsors New Look, Weyline Taxis, Angel Pharmacy and Wild Stoves for helping to cover the costs of the event.

The Spyglass Inn also supported it by supplying 1,400 bottles of water for the event and many other companies helped out with the goodie bags.

Mr Smith added: “Finally, I would like to personally thank all the volunteers, walkers and the team of staff who have been involved in this year's Midnight Walk. Simply, the success is because of all of them.”



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