THE Commander of Portland’s namesake naval ship has reportedly been removed from the vessel amid claims of an affair with a crew member. 

Commander Sarah West is the first woman to command a frontline Navy warship and took over command of HMS Portland in 2012.

It is reported that an investigation is underway to determine whether Commander West breached the Armed Forces’ Code of Social Conduct.

HMS Portland last paid a visit to Portland last June when sailors joined dignitaries and residents to exercise the Freedom of the Borough.

The event marked the relationship between the borough and state-of-the-art Type 23 frigate.

At the time, Commander West told the Echo she was ‘immensely proud’ to lead the crew.

Commissioned in 2001, HMS Portland has recently undergone a multi-million pound upgrade and was tasked to the South Atlantic earlier this year. 

A Royal Navy spokesman confirmed it was aware of an alleged breach aboard HMS Portland.