The construction company that has helped develop Poundbury held an open day regarding the new phase of construction.

C G Fry & Son has worked closely with the Duchy of Cornwall on the Poundbury project since 1993, and invited members of the public to the event to inform them of the North East Quadrant development, and for them to register their interest.

The local team, in conjunction with Symonds and Sampson Estate Agents, organised the event, decorating the sales office with bunting and served guests with Pimm’s and fresh strawberries so the event had an ‘English Summer’ theme to it.

Much of the North Eastern Quadrant is based on the urban character and green open spaces key to Poundbury. Streets and pavement widths are a little wider, drawing inspiration from residential streets in central Dorchester as well as details using Dorset vernacular. Caroline Hill, Head of Sales and Marketing C G Fry &Son says: “We had a number of new people who registered their interest to be first in line to be kept informed of the new forthcoming development.”