WANT to have an extreme and unique experience? Then why not try Zorbing at one of the sites here in Dorset.

Zorbing South offer a range of different takes on this exciting experience!

Get strapped in with a friend and go rolling head over heels in a giant inflatable ball downhill.

Make things more interesting by adding cold or hot water, the only way to experience what your socks feel like in the washing machine.

The last experience option is water Zorbing, where one person is free to move around in a hamster ball like fashion, but on water.

This activity thrills you like no other and is great fun for daring types. Both adults and children over six can take part.

For the standard Zorbing experience there is a minimum height of 1.4m and the maximum combined weight of 180kg.

The strapped-in, ‘added water’ experience has no height minimum with the maximum combined weight of 250kg. Each ride follows a specially designed track keeping you on course.

Food and drink facilities are provided on sight and for a £15 charge. Your day out can be captured in HD for you to enjoy over and over again.

Links to several Zorbing sites are available at zorbingsouth .co.uk Search for what experience you are looking for and where, then follow the links to their personal sites. Be sure to ring on the day to check you have your experience booked as bad weather conditions can call the event off last minute.