A TEXTILE exhibition will be held in the grounds of Lulworth Castle from August 25 to September 12.

Kirsten Webb of Wareham will be celebrating 25 years as a textile artist.

She will be displaying her new design ideas alongside Viking pictures which draw upon her Danish roots.

The exhibition will be held at St Andrew’s Church in the grounds of the castle.

Inspired by the natural world around her in Dorset and on her walks in the countryside, and by travels abroad, Kirsten’s textile pictures will range from the new designs of lichen to birds and animals discovered along pine-fringed Danish seaside.

Some of Kirsten’s renowned ecclesiastical embroidery will also be on display.

She says she finds her musical life influences her work.

Today she builds her pictures very often with ideas from her own photographs, from which she may sketch designs before embarking upon sewing. Opening times will be from 10.30am to 5pm.

The exhibition will be closed on Saturday, August 30 and Saturday, September 6.

There will be parking available near the church for wheelchair users or those unable to walk far.

Entry will be free and further details are available on Kirsten’s website kirstentwebb.co.uk