AN ALLOTMENT association in Weymouth is hoping to gain new members by offering free plots of land.

Green Lane Allotment Association is offering six plots on its site in Wyke Regis for free, as part of a trial period.

Interested parties will have the chance to try out ‘allotment-eering’ until the end of November, with a view to taking on the plot properly for the following year.

People of all ages are being encouraged to have a go at growing fruit and vegetables. Wintering crops include onions, cabbage and broad beans.

Roger Genge, vice-chairman of the association, said: “People pay an awful lot of money to go to the gym when we do just as much exercise growing green and healthy vegetables.

“It’s for all ages. Here we have also got some sites for the disabled. If somebody’s par-ticularly disabled in terms of physical capabilities, we’ve got a couple of sites.”

In total, there are 187 plots at Green Lane Allotments, with land costing 25p per square metre. The price of a plot can range between £25 and £50.

Roger said anyone interested would have to be committed and dedicate up to four hours a week to their plot.

He said: “The media often portrays the wonderful values of tasty, home grown food, free of additives and chemicals but overlook the hard work keeping the weeds down and paths tidy.

“Every so often we get a new recruit at the start of the season who plants the plants and then comes back two months later to find a plot full of weeds rather than that tasty veg.

“This type of plot holder doesn’t appreciate that having a plot is a regular time commitment.

“If it’s not for them, that’s fine.

He added: “It’s a three-month commitment rather than a 12-month commitment.”

Colin Lodge, a committee member of the association, said: “It’s probably the best time of the year to take on an allotment because autumn is the preparation period for the next year.”

If you’re interested in having an allotment, please contact Alison Lodge, secretary of Green Lane Allotment Association, at