FAMILIES who get bored of the normal sandy beaches over the summer can always head down to explore the 18 miles of Chesil Beach.

With approximately 180 billion pebbles, it forms the largest tombolo in the UK - a narrow piece of land that connects the mainland to an island. Here, it links with Portland. In this particular case it is formed by the transport of sediment by tidal action.

The beach stretches from West Bay to Portland, and if one had time to walk it all you would find that the pebbles increase in size the further along you go.

There is a information centre near Ferrybridge between Weymouth and Portland, which provides toilet and cafe facilities.

Boat trips are also run across the Fleet Lagoon, the semi-saline pool between the mainland and the beach, and rare birds can be spotted from the boat, as well as marine life through the glass bottom boat.

These trips are run by The Fleet Observer, but the Wildlife Trust puts on several events over the summer, including ‘A Guide to Everything Chesil’ on the August 25.

Chesil Beach is a significant part of the Jurassic Coast, and it must surely be considered one of the natural wonders of the world.