NEW trails designed to enhance the experience of visitors to Dorchester are going live today.

The first two Dorset dialect trails are being launched by the Dorchester BID (Business Improvement District), which has been working on the Hidden Language, Hidden Trails project in association with Parasite Ceramics.

The art installation uses the concept of time to tell the story of Dorchester’s rich history, with a series of bespoke clocks strategically placed in shops and attractions around the town.

Each clock contains a word taken from A Glossary of the Dorset Dialect written by William Barnes, as well as visual references to the local history.

Visitors can follow the trails using a map available online at or from the Tourist Information Centre in Antelope Walk.

The first two trails centre around Food and Drink and Art and Literature, with four further routes planned with themes of Nature, Street Language, Body and Mind and Haunted History.

Phil Gordon, from the Dorchester BID said: “We are excited about these new trails in town which we hope will lead people to not only discover new ‘forgotten’ Dorset words but also explore parts of town that they may not have visited for a while.

“When we asked people to light a candle and share a memory they were anonymous, but if you were one of those people, you might discover that your memory made it onto a plate. If you find yours, we would love to know and perhaps get a photo of you with the clock plate bearing your words.”