Winfrith Village Hall

THE ever popular daft duo are back with their latest idea, this one being called Tortoise vs Hare in which a race is on to see which of the two rivals can win a marathon, simple.

But wait, this show is all written and performed by that crazy pair Stu Mcloughlin and Howard Coggins so nothing is as it seems in a clownish comedy which gets everyone in stitches within minutes.

When Toby Gollop, overweight and under motivated, falls for the luscious Lena, he decides to take her advice and take up running. A visit to the nearby running club finds him up against his former schoolboy enemy Barry Hare whose bully-boy tactics spur Tortoise Toby to challenge him to the race of a lifetime.

Unsubtle and silly but also cleverly inventive and original, the story is told in rhyme and song, the two men accompanying themselves on a variety of stringed instruments as they bring a whole new and very unlikely perspective to the concept of long distance running.

With Stu taking on a variety of roles including that of the lovely and entirely unbelievable Lena, the evening fits nicely into the mould of some of the best of British comedy duos and is full of neat touches that send the audience home smiling.

There is a further performances in Cranborne, tonight, Friday May 19, brought to Dorset under the banner of Artsreach.