Authorities will attempt to reassure residents concerned about drug use and dealing in an area of Weymouth.

A public meeting has been called by the Westham Community Group after concerns were raised about drugs in parts of Westham.

There is particular concern about the Rodwell Trail after a drug den was uncovered and ‘hundreds’ of needles had to be cleared up.

The Dorset Echo reported last month how the needles were found during a community clean-up in a clearing just off the trail, a beauty spot popular with families.

It prompted calls for police to step up patrols in the area and get to grips with the problem.

Concerns aired at a meeting of Westham Community Group following the Echo report have led to a meeting to be organised this month specifically discussing the drug issue and what is being done.

Community development worker Julie Hursthouse said the meeting had been called by local residents who feel they would like more information about reporting drug misuse and to highlight some of their concerns.

Representatives from Dorset Police, Weymouth & Portland Borough Council and Aster Housing will be attending as well as local drug workers.

As well as hearing what the different agencies have to say on the matter, residents will be able to talk to these representatives afterwards.

Mrs Hursthouse said: “Drug use and dealing has become a big issue of concern and the large number of needles found on the Rodwell Trail, as reported in the Echo, made people feel uneasy. Because everyone is talking about people are feeling uncomfortable about it.

“This meeting aims to provide reassurance to the community about these issues, and show what the police and partners are doing about it because

I think some people think that nothing is being done.”

She added: “Residents are put off telling the police about drug dealing because they think it’ll get back to them and they’ll be found out. But the police are keen to encourage the reporting of these offences and there are ways people can do this without having to give their details.

“The police are aware of these issues and they’ll be explaining what is happening without giving too much away. The support of the community is important in helping the police tackle this problem.”

The meeting, chaired by resident Andreas Scheffler, will be held on Wednesday, June 28 from 7pm-8pm at the Community Safety Centre, Radipole Lane.