​THIS week the Echo is once again bringing you reports from an event we are supporting at Weymouth College.

Last week was Careers' College, where teenagers get to try out occupations which interest them, and those picking journalism became Echo reporters for the day.

This week, it's the turn of Year 6 children who are attending Primary College, who have been taking pictures and writing short articles for the Echo.

  • Banging Drummers

Reporters  Kallum from Beechcroft, aged 10 and George and Paige  from Chickerell Primary Academy, both aged 11, interviewed some drummers at Weymouth College  in the Music studio.

Finley, 11, from Beechcroft and Adam, 11, from Wyke Regis were interviewed about their drumming experience. Finley said that he loves that there’s 3 different activities to do. He also said that if he had the opportunity to continue, he would. They both liked that they didn’t have to follow instructions exactly, and they could have a bit of a mess around. They were both new to this activity and quickly got the hang of it. Everybody in the group loved the activity and looked very happy whilst playing their drums.

By Kallum, 10, from Beechcroft, George and Paige from Chickerell Primary Academy, both aged 11.

  • Making a mess in the bricklaying workshop

Today in Primary College we interviewed a couple of students who were in the Bricklaying and Stone Carving workshops. Shannon, 11, from Wyke Regis, was doing Bricklaying and she said it was messy, but that she was enjoying it; and that her partner, Kyle, was taking it very seriously.  We asked her if she thought it was as she expected, and she said ‘yes’, because you get to lay bricks. Next we asked Tai, 11, from Wyke Regis what he thought of Stone Carving. He replied that it was different to what he had expected.  We asked him if he thought it was better than he expected. He said ‘yes, I think so’.

The group were building an archway out of bricks and everyone looked like they were having fun and making lots of mess in their workshop.

By Jake, 11, Beechcroft, Rebecca, 11 , Wyke Regis and Finely, 10, Wyke Regis 

  •  Rad Robots 

At Primary College, we interviewed Leo (from St Augustine’s) and Robin (from St. John’s), both 11, who had been taking part in the Robotics workshop. We asked them many questions about their experiences in the activity.

After asking if he would recommend Robotics, Leo answered, “Yes, it’s fun and entertaining.”  Then we asked if there were any improvements that could be made. They both denied anything was wrong, before suggesting faster robots.  Leo said that he would like to carry on with Robotics in his spare time.

As soon as we walked into the Robotics room, we could see the happiness that all the children were experiencing making their own machines - mechanisms that were either controlled by remote or by a black line along the floor. Everyone seemed to love this rad Robotics workshop!

By George, 11 and Paige, 11, from Chickerell Primary Academy and Kallum, 10, from Beechcroft

  • Shannon Singing Her Way to Happiness!

Shannon, aged 11 from St. John’s, was very excited when we asked her to give us her opinions about the singing workshop she was taking part in. She said, “I would recommend this workshop for my age group, because it’s very entertaining and exciting to learn, then sing the song”. We asked her whether she wanted to sing for a career, but Shannon said that “even though I’m really enjoying this workshop, I wouldn’t do this for a day job because I don’t enjoy it enough to do it every day”. Next we asked if she wanted to become a famous singer. She answered, “I couldn’t become one because I am quite bad at singing”. The song they were learning to sing was Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

By Charlie, 11, YR6 Isle Of Portland Aldridge Community Academy and Jacob, 11, YR6 Isle Of Portland Aldridge Community Academy 

  • Sport fanatics!          

Yr.6’s last Primary College day included a lot of fun activities: Football, Make a Kaleidoscope, Hockey, Pom-Pom Making and Childcare. Futsal is where Jonny, 11, Wyke Regis, and Dylan also aged 11 and from Wyke Regis were based. I asked them both a couple of questions, starting with Jonny.

I asked him, “have you ever done this before?” He told me, “Yes, I have done this with Redlands FC.” “Would you do this again if you came back?” “Yes, because I enjoy the enthusiasm of it.”

Next I spoke to Dylan. I asked if the workshop was exciting and if so, why? Dylan said, “Yes, it’s fun because it’s my favourite sport.” I also asked him, “Have you scored yet?” He said, “Of course! It’s obvious! Too many to count!” So, the final day is complete. We have all had a bunch of fun, but it is now all over - SADLY!!!

By Finlay, 10, Wyke Regis Juniors, Rebecca, 11, Wyke Regis Juniors , Jake,11, Beechcroft.

  • The Crazy Cabin Crew

We interviewed eleven year old Sara from Wyke Regis and Sydney who is also eleven from St. John’s.

We asked them a few questions, including ‘what is your favourite thing about this workshop?’ They both had the same reply: so we know what’s going on in an aeroplane! Another question we asked was, ‘have you enjoyed this lesson so far and, if so, why?’

Their reply was, ‘yes, because you get to learn about planes.’ We had two more questions left: ‘did you like telling people the instructions and, if so, why?’ They both had a similar reply: ‘yes, because it’s fun’. For their last question, ‘are you looking forward to your next workshop?’, Sydney told us ‘yes’, because she was going to be playing football with Redlands Football Club; and Sara told us she was looking forward to trying out hairdressing.

By Jessica, Chelsea, 11, from Radipole and Dylan, 11, from Wyke Regis

  • The Smart Sign Language Crew

As we’re taking part in the Primary College Echo workshop at Weymouth College today, we visited the Sign Language class and interviewed an eleven year old boy called Connor, who goes to Radipole Primary School. He said he likes doing sign language because you can communicate with other people who are deaf.

I met another student that I interviewed: a girl called Hollie. She goes to Holy Trinity and she is eleven years old. She said she has already made it half way through the fingerspelling alphabet! Both of them said they wouldn’t probably use the skill in their daily life, although Hollie and Connor agreed they would recommend this class to others.

By Jessica, Chelsea, 11, from Radipole and Dylan, 11, from Wyke Regis