A businesswoman has donated a life-saving defibrillator as a way of giving back to the community.

Rose Bunce, an award-winning consultant from Cambridge Weight Plan, had the emergency kit, worth £2,000, installed outside Cambridge Weight Plan’s Dorchester centre.

Unlike other defibrillators, this one will be accessible to the people of Dorchester 24 hours a day if anyone in the area suffers a heart attack.

It also comes with instructions so that anyone can use it to keep a person alive while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Rose said: “It’s amazing. I am a small local business and I rely on local people to thrive and my business is about helping local people to be healthy and to be fit, and for me to be able to give something back is a way of thanking the community for supporting my business.”

Part of her motivation for having the defibrillator installed was that such a device might have saved her father after he had a heart attack about twenty years ago.

She said: “He had a massive heart attack. Me and my two brothers were there, all experts in CPR. We did what we could, but it was not enough. However, if we had had a defibrillator, who knows what would have happened.”

She added: “I am convinced had I had a defibrillator on the street which I could have got, that could have kept him alive.”

As someone who has worked for years with people who are overweight, she is also aware of how at risk some people are from suffering heart failure.

She said that she would be very pleased if the defibrillator did end up saving someone’s life.

She said: “I would be ecstatic; that’s what it’s there for. It would prove its worth, but I do hope it never needs to.”

The cost of the life-saving kit was covered with various fundraising initiatives by Rose and her team at the Cambridge Weight Plan centre.

It is one of five she has donated to various towns in the South West.

She said: “One is in Honiton, one is in Beaminster, one is in Bridport and obviously Dorchester. The fifth one went into our Yeovil centre but it was vandalised so we removed it from there and we would like to relocate it.”