A couple whose golden retriever was rescued by the coastguard returned to Dorset to thank a team for their efforts.

Coastguard teams from Swanage and St Alban’s Head came to the rescue of the two-year-old retriever Bella after she ran off from her owners and found herself stuck 60ft down a cliff.

They managed to get her out of her position by sending down a rope technician to escort the dog to the top of the cliff where her owners were.

Paul Jarman and his wife, who come from Essex, were reportedly very appreciative at the time for the rescue, but they still decided they would return to thank the coastguard team at Swanage.

A spokesman for Swanage Coastguard said: “They just rang up and wanted to come and say hello properly as at the time we did not really have the time to stop and have a chat.”

The couple stayed for the best part of an hour to chat to the coastguard team, partly about their work, over a cup of tea.

The spokesman added: “It was touching. Whether they came just to see us I do not know but they certainly made a point of coming and thanking us.”

The coastguard team was very pleased to see the couple and their two dogs and were very grateful for their kindness in stopping by and thanking them.

The Swanage Coastguard spokesman said it was a textbook rescue, with Bella being very cooperative when they arrived to take her back up the cliff, helped by some dog biscuits.

Paul had tried to rescue his beloved dog himself, but was only able to get within 15ft of her

The coastguard spokesman said: “We always say to keep dogs on the lead by the cliff edge.”

“I will just say that these people were not near the edge. The dog had gone for quite a decent run before actually falling over.”