A SLICK play about a private eye is sleuthing its way to Dorset.

Cornish company ‘Owdyado Theatre is set to return to the stage with their latest new show A View from the Edge, which premiered in Cornwall in Spring 2017, then toured across the UK.

Now, thanks to Dorset’s touring arts charity Artsreach, there are two opportunities to see this outstanding show in the county this autumn. The first is at Halstock Village Hall on October 19.

A View from the Edge is surprising show, where the search for the truth provokes a mind-bending journey through the world of dreams, imagination and ‘real life’.

Private eye and troubled sleeper Charlie Daniels is hired by the seductive Elise Hillerman to investigate the disappearance of her husband, a prominent gallery owner. Meanwhile, writers Charlotte and Dan struggle to write the script of their new noir-inspired theatre show about an art forgery ring. As scenes spin, fragment and entangle with each other one question arises: whose reality is real?

Written by co-artistic directors Charlotte Bister and Daniel Richards, A View from the Edge is a highly original show. With its sharp wit, quick pace and a heavy dose of noir style, from the classic to the neo, eagle eyed audience members might also spot that A View from the Edge takes influence from cult filmmakers Charlie Kaufman and David Lynch.

Charlotte, co-artistic director of ‘Owdyado, said: "Our inspiration for A View From The Edge is pretty varied and ranges from classic noir like Double Indemnity, to Charlie Kaufman's 2002 film Adaptation, to an ancient story from the east about blind men and elephants. We hope it will keep you guessing until the end."

Yvonne Gallimore, Artsreach co-director, said: “We saw a snippet of this show at a national conference last year and absolutely loved it. We had to bring it to Dorset and can’t wait to see the finished production!”

A View from the Edge is ‘Owdyado Theatre’s fourth show.

*It will be performed at Halstock Village Hall on October 19. Call 01935 891744 for tickets. It will then be performed at Milborne St Andrew on October 22. Call 01258 839230 for tickets. They can also be bought from artsreach.co.uk.