Residents are being urged to check on their older neighbours as cold weather is set to hit Dorset. 

The Met Office yesterday issued a cold weather alert, advising that Arctic air is expected to spread across the south from today (7).

Blustery wintry showers are expected to hit today with temperatures set to plummet over the weekend.

The period of cold weather is likely to continue until Sunday, and possibly beyond.

A spokesman for the prevention department for Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Police said: "Prolonged periods of cold weather can be risky, especially for the very young, very old or those with chronic diseases.
"Please do check on older neighbours and anyone you may feel at risk to make sure they’re safe and well.

"Make sure they’re warm enough and have ample stocks of food and medicines so that they don’t need to go out during very cold weather.

"If you are worried about an older person, contact a family member, the local council or ring the Age UK helpline on 0800 00 99 66.

"Please also keep yourselves warm and well and try to avoid walking on icy roads and pavements."