DORSET residents attending flu vaccination clinics this autumn will be given potentially life-saving advice about cancer at the same time, thanks to Dorset Cancer Network.

Leaflets have been produced by Dorset Cancer Network which will be given out to everyone who attends local flu vaccination clinics.

They will give information on common signs and symptoms to look out for, along with the message that the quicker cancer is diagnosed the better the outcome and chances of survival, so if you spot anything out of the ordinary make an appointment to see your GP.

Dr Steve Clayton from Stalbridge Surgery, lead GP for the Cancer Network, said: “During the 2010/2011 flu vaccination campaign we saw around one quarter of the local population attending clinics with around 170,000 flu vaccines being administered.

“Using these clinics as a way to get other messages out there allows us to see some of the county’s most vulnerable people along with those over 65 years of age.

“We are confident that this campaign will help raise awareness among the Dorset population of common signs and symptoms that people should look out for.”

The leaflet is also available from the NHS Dorset website: