A Sailing scholarship to a Weymouth school is up for grabs for young talent born between September 1, 2003 and August 31, 2004.

Thornlow Preparatory School headteacher is inviting applications from potential world-class sailors for a ‘100 per cent sailing scholarship’ that will pay for the annual school fees of the successful person.

School spokesman Lucy Clarke said: “We are very excited about the Olympics and we are very keen on sailing here at the school – we sail three times a week with SailLaser during the summer – so we are often doing exciting things out on the water.

“We have launched an amazing scholarship offer that we want to tell everyone about.

“It’s a 100 per cent funded ‘Sailing Scholarship’ which means that school fees will be paid for the successful applicant from their entry into the school until the end of Year 8.

“We work very closely with SailLaser on the delivery of our Sailing Curriculum so this really is a wonderful opportunity for a budding young sailor.

“We think this is exceptional considering that one academic year’s worth of education at Thornlow costs over £7,000.

“We are launching this scholarship as part of our Olympic Legacy in line with the fact that we are 100 years old this year.”

To find out more visit thornlow.co.uk before the application closing date of April 30, 2012.