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Olympic opening celebrations in Weymouth and Portland

Last updated:

    Weymouth Beach Live Site opened to the public at 1pm and from 2pm-8pm there will be singing performances.
  • At 3.45pm the Coastal Voices choir performed, followed by Welcome Songs performers at 7pm.
  • Twelve Team GB sailors will take to the stage at 7.50pm before the hand over to the London celebrations, which will be shown on two huge screens.
  • Around 10.15pm there will be a firework display in Weymouth Bay.
  • Join in by sending your pictures to newsdesk@dorsetecho.co.uk or use the hashtag #olympicsailing on Twitter.


crazyhorse99 1:37am Sat 28 Jul 12
Really? There were thousands who were there when the Team GB Sailing team were introduced on stage. It was amazing to see so many people on the beach. I thought it was a unique experience and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also the harbour side pubs were also enjoying a busy time.
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FooWoo 1:32pm Mon 30 Jul 12
Have been down there quite a few times. Two times I could not move because of all the people. Yesterday was not so busy, a lot of people spread out but it was a Sunday. I do like the people who are here. Not so many people who get drunk and kick off. Still a few about but certainly a lot less. A nice atmopsphere, a nicer crowd and weymouth is looking good. Hopefully the olympics will attract more suitable tourists in the future. Good job to everyone involved. Please feel free to moan about this if you like.
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grumpyofwestham 4:45pm Fri 27 Jul 12
Where are all the people? I've never known a day so quiet in Weymouth at the height of summer ... car parks with loads of spaces, official car parks all but empty, roads around brewers quay empty of people .. it's more like late september or october than the middle of summer. If this is what the Olympic effect is, then I'm not in favour of it.
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pestobobber 5:08pm Fri 27 Jul 12
What's happening then? We can't let people like grumpyofwestham our cold water on it all. Though perhaps that's what the fire crews are up to. Hope the fireworks aren't all in a cardboard box nearby :)
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Genghis 5:19pm Fri 27 Jul 12
Well I've spent most of the day down town on the seafront. Loads of people about enjoying the various events.
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maximan 6:48pm Fri 27 Jul 12
Genghis wrote: Well I've spent most of the day down town on the seafront. Loads of people about enjoying the various events.
Can't put any spin on it, I went this afternoon and thought the numbers were down on the usual summer holiday figures. Was hoping for a few more but early days yet.
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ETV 7:32pm Fri 27 Jul 12
No, it's very quiet in Weymouth. Can't accuse me of being a moaner - a fact is a fact.
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ijwufo68 11:35pm Fri 27 Jul 12
The drama at the pavilion was the best part of the Olympic opening celebrations, because what I saw was the worst one I have ever seen!!
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mjhawkins 11:52pm Fri 27 Jul 12
have to agree with last comment what a load of s--- and ETV is correct this morning i spoke with traders outside of there shops asking where these 60,000 people were
Score: 0
annotator1 12:24am Sat 28 Jul 12
What a load of Bolderdash. No 30,000 people visiting Weymouth. We were, as we all kinow, conned! Time for repentance I think.
Score: 0
annotator1 12:37am Sat 28 Jul 12
Weymouth Traders are losing thousands of pounds ... and will lose even more ... Fact!
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izzyarch 11:01am Sat 28 Jul 12
I couldn't move for people in Weymouth last night. They were spending money like there was no tomorrow. Someone's till is full to overflowing that's for sure. Good luck to them too. Town looks and feels wonderful. Can't believe I actually live here.
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weymouthdoozer 11:07am Sat 28 Jul 12
Some of you must have been in another Weymouth, it was heaving. My wife has a town centre business and was very busy for nearly 12 hours yesterday and was having to turn people away or book them in for the next few days.
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Genghis 11:22am Sat 28 Jul 12
Thanks crazyhorse99, izzyarch and weymouthdoozer for confirming what I thought I'd seen. From the other comments I was beginning to believe I had been in some alternative reality. Didn't know whether I could believe my own eyes or the text messages and pictures from family and friends that showed loads of people out and having fun.
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ETV 10:21pm Sun 29 Jul 12
Time the Happy Clappers piped down and accepted that we're not going to get the 60,000 extra visitors per day during the Olympics. . What you're seeing is a few thousand people coming to Weymouth to see some free entertainment. . Time to get rid of all the parking restrictions, open the roads, bin the park and ride and tell everyone that in Weymouth it is business as usual. . Some businesses are doing well if they are in the right place, many businesses that aren't in the epicenter are *still* having a hard time not helped by people avoiding town.
Score: 0
Monmouthsman 12:29pm Mon 30 Jul 12
Enjoyed Friday evening at the site on the beach though it was far from being full and the security operation at the gate was utterly hopeless with only some people's bags being searched and no real in and out organisation of people in effect. Amazed that there were no extra late buses on to take people home especially seeing the huge number of near empty shuttle buses running around through the day. The perception that the events are not organised for the population of W&PB was made stronger.
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