A SCHOOLBOY seized an opportunity to entertain 20,000 people thanks to DJ Chris Evans.

Thirteen-year-old Greg Johnson won over a festival crowd with a song he wrote about his feelings for a girl at his Bournemouth school.

Greg was at Carfest, the weekend music and motoring festival organised by the Radio 2 presenter near Basingstoke, when he was given a chance to shine.

After he had a microphone pointed in his direction during a crowd singalong to ELO’s Mr Blue Sky, Greg’s mum Susan saw a chance to get one of his own songs heard.

She persuaded a sound technician to help get her and Greg through security and within arm’s length of the DJ.

“I had this one magic moment when there was nothing between me and Chris Evans and we were at the stage,” she said.

She told the DJ how Greg would love to perform during the break between acts.

The presenter allowed him on stage to sing his song, I Tried My Best To Always Be There – even though he wasn’t able to take a guitar.

“He sang a cappella but the crowd started clapping along.

“They loved him,” said Susan.

“Then Chris Evans said ‘Do you want to do your second song?’”

Greg than sang the ballad When I See Your Face, which was inspired by a girl from his school – although he is keeping her identity secret.

“It was just an amazing experience – one of the best weekends of my life,” said Greg.

The whole family – including Greg’s dad Steve and brother Oliver, 11 – been had enjoying the bands at the festival and had been celebrating when Susan reached the top 15 in a cake and pie contest.

Greg said: “I’m very grateful that Chris Evans has given me the opportunity to go up on stage and sing. When I first saw the stage and saw how big it was I thought ‘This is truly amazing’ and imagined myself getting up and playing the guitar or singing.”

Greg first turned to song-writing at school when challenged to compose a song around four chords.

His song When I See Your Face was written for a school talent show.