THE proposed development has divided residents on their views on whether it will benefit the community or not.

Anthony and Tracey Storey, who run The George pub in Reforne, said they think it will boost local businesses and offer employment opportunities for residents.

Mrs Storey said: “I think it looks fantastic.

“Creating more jobs is brilliant, anything that will put something back into use and be functional is great.

“We’ve got two young children and our son has just started with the football club, so the new pitches will make him very happy.

“The climbing centre looks great too, a lot of people say to us that they can’t believe there’s not a central climbing shop or anything on Portland .”

Mr Storey said: “Just having the Harmonic Fields has had a more positive impact on our trade than the Olympics did and anything that brings more people to the island is great.

“They will obviously explore which will benefit local businesses like us.”

Some locals are against the idea and say it will spoil the beauty of Portland.

Dave Owen, of Weston Street, said he does not want a holiday village on the island.

He said: “Portland is unique we wish to keep it that way.

“We do not need another holiday village, particularly on Portland.”

Maureen Perkins, of Weston Street, said residents had not been properly informed about the proposed development.

“I live opposite where the football ground would be and I only heard about it through word of mouth.

“It’s a massive thing so the fact that there was nothing advertising it is awful.

“At the moment the land is rural and I don’t want a football pitch.

“It’s such a big development and I feel we should have been told about it.”