RESIDENTS in Weymouth got their questions answered on the floods that swamped their neighbourhood in July.

Members of the Park District community came to get information on the cause of the deluge and what can be done to prevent it in the future.

Representatives were on hand from local councils, Wessex Water, the Environment Agency and community groups to answer questions from people who had been affected.

John Morse, chairman of the Waterside Weymouth Community Forum, said it had impacted the whole community.

He said: “It had a huge effect on the whole community, regardless of who was actually flooded.

“Everyone rallied around to get sandbags and we opened up the community centre offering teas and coffees to people who had lost power.”

He added: “Today we have got some information on what the problem was and more solutions for the future.

A steady stream of residents came to the centre on Tuesday afternoon, where they were shown maps, graphs and statistics explaining the background to the floods.

Brendon Sutcliffe, from Wessex Water, said when residents were shown the facts and figures behind the rainfall it helped them understand why the overflow happened.

He said: “It’s been very positive. People really want to have the answers to why the flooding happened.

“When they are shown the facts and figures of how much rain there was it helps explain it.”

Dozens of citizens from the area attended the session, held at the Park Centre.

Neil Watson, from the Environment Agency, said it was important to be able to talk to flood victims in person.

He said: “People all brought their stories of how it felt to be affected and what they needed in terms of help and so on.”