VOLUNTEERS at a Dorchester youth centre have been left frustrated after their garden was broken into for a second time.

Rory Major, of the Dorchester Youth and Community Centre in Kings Road, said a rotovator worth £500 was stolen during the break-in last Thursday night, sometime after 10pm.

The thieves also made off with a wheelbarrow and a roll of barbed wire.

Rory said: “It must have been after 10pm because that’s when we were last here and we closed up.

“When we arrived, there were not any tell-tale signs and we didn’t go out in the garden until we had one of our disability groups come in to use the garden and they found holes cut in the fence.”

In May the youth centre had its sheds broken into but there was nothing taken.

Rory urged anyone who had seen or heard anything or who knew anything about the break-in to report the matter to the police.