OPTIONS for long-term repairs to the Beaminster Tunnel will be unveiled at a public meeting next month.

The A3066 road has been closed at the tunnel at Horn Hill since a landslip which cost the lives of two people in early July.

By the time of the meeting, Dorset County Council engineers will know whether a temporary shield extending the tunnel is possible in order to re-open the road in the short term.

A variety of specialists have been investigating the site to find out more about the hillside and the existing tunnel.

They have dug five boreholes up to 25 metres deep in the hill, investigated the foundations of the tunnel entrance walls and extracted samples for further investigation.

When the data is analysed, Dorset County Council engineers will have a better idea of which options are possible.

At the meeting engineers will explain the options in more detail and answer questions.

Cabinet holder for highways Peter Finney said: “With a structure like the Beaminster Tunnel, the possible solutions are not always apparent immediately.

“Our engineers need to undertake detailed examination to ensure they reach the best possible solution.

“Please come to the meeting, listen to the experts and ask any questions you have.”

The meeting is on Thursday, October 18, at 6.30pm in the Public Hall, Beaminster.