A DORCHESTER landmark is being restored for the first time in more than 100 years.

The Keep Military Museum, a Grade II listed building, is covered in scaffolding while the work, which is expected to take six months, is carried out. During this time, the museum is open as usual, but there is no access to the car park.

Three faces of the building will have the lime mortar removed and replaced using the same material as the original building work in 1879.

The mix will be made up of singleton birch lime putty, Corfe Mullen sand, Morton Cullimore sand and coal ash.

Museum curator Colin Parr said: “Despite the occasional noise of the hammer drill, it’s business as usual for us.

“The work is very important to the integrity of the building.

“We are very lucky to spend time in this wonderful place and we’re determined to look after it so that future generations can appreciate it, along with the splendid military heritage of both Dorset and Devon.”

The Keep was once the administrative centre of the Dorsetshire Regiment, as well as the county armoury and the centre for recruitment and training.

Today, it is still owned by the Ministry of Defence and houses a military museum.

For more information, visit keepmilitarymuseum.org.